Project Scion FR-S- Testing Greddy’s Cold Air Intake!

Project Scion FR-S Testing GReddy's Cold Air Intake!

By Mike Kojima


The Scion FR-S is a pretty exciting car to be involved in.  It has single handedly given our industry a shot in the arm and parts are rapidly being developed for the car.  Our FR-S is being worked on fast, so fast it is kind of a blur as we were cramming a lot in just a few days to get the car ready for the SEMA show.

In our last edition of the Project we tested the GReddy EVO 3 exhaust and now we are going to test GReddy's cold air intake.  In reality this happened on the same day, but we didn't have time to write much about it during the SEMA and PRI show scrambles.  So we are now trying to catch up!


For more on Project Scion FR-S look here:  MotoIQ Project Scion FR-S


The GReddy intake is a really nicely done part with molded intake tubes and a full air box that takes cold air from the front of the car.  The intake is much less restrictive than the stock system which we will show you in a second.


The GReddy air filter is a cone shaped washable gauze part with much greater filtering surface area than stock.


Here is the waffle looking stock filter.  The GReddy filter has at least 50% more surface area.


Yes, even we read instructions sometimes.  The installation of the GReddy intake is relatively easy but requires a bit more disassembly of the car than usual.


In the name of being in a hurry, Martin Gonzales and I scramble to quickly put the intake on.


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