Project SEMA Scion Tuner Challenge FR-S, Getting More Power with a Ganador Exhaust


The Ganador down pipe is much lighter than the factory part.  It maintains the use of the factory ball and socket joint allowing the exhaust to move around, avoiding cracking.  It is also slightly larger in diameter.  As a note the Ganador exhaust uses the stock crusty mid pipe.  We were disappointed in this.  Not only is the mid pipe slightly smaller in diameter but it is all rusty and nasty looking in contrast with the rest of the ultra high quality system.  You can see part of the rusty mid pipe from the rear of the car.  An exhaust like this should be a full front to rear system.
Howard starts off the installation by slipping the Ganador muffler onto the factory hangers.
The yucky and crusty mid pipe bolts to the nice titanium muffler section.  Boo.
The Ganador muffler fits like perfection on the car.  You can see just how nasty the stock corroded exhaust is in contrast to the bad ass titanium muffler.  Come on Ganador, give us a new mid pipe!
The front of the down pipe bolts to the exhaust manifold.
The rear bolts to the stock mid pipe using the factory ball and socket joint and spring bolts which allows for flex.

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