Project SEMA Scion Tuner Challenge FR-S, Getting More Power with a Ganador Exhaust


The exhaust is now installed.  Like all high quality exhausts on the market now a days the fit is perfect!
The Ganador muffler tips have a very small entrance and this odd swirling baffle.   Will this make power or is it a JDM gimmick?
The exhaust is a very tasteful addition to the back of the car.  We are bummed that you can plainly see the old stock crusty and corroded mid pipe clearly here though.
Now for the interesting part, will the Ganador exhaust deliver?  The FR-S is notoriously hard to get power out of with just bolt ons. 
The exhaust works well!  Our power jumped from 152 whp and 122 lb ft of torque to 158 whp and 128 lb ft of torque.  That is six hp and six lb ft of torque, a very respectable amount for an exhaust for this car.  The car lost a little bit below 2600 rpm but had nice fat gains above 4000 rpm and up.  The Gandor exhaust delivers on the FR-S and saves a bunch of weight.

We were very pleased with the end results of the Ganador exhaust test.  It makes about as much power as the best exhausts we have tested on the FR-RS/BRZ to date and is the lightest by far.  We are going to get some ceramic heat resistant paint to clean up the mid pipe before the SEMA show to cover up the exhaust's one sore spot.

In keeping with our refined daily driver theme, the Ganador exhaust is very quiet, it is hardly louder than the stock exhaust.  When the throttle is pushed to the floor and the revs climb there is a very slight sound increase, the note is slightly deeper than stock with no droning or resonance.

Stay tuned, in coming additions we will attack the cars cooling system in anticipation of a HKS Supercharger that will be giving us not only a lot more power but also a lot more heat that must be addressed as well.



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