Project SR E30: Part 2 – Making Custom Motor Mounts
Here is the right motor mount bracket all tacked up. All that excess metal will be cut off.
The other side was almost identical, except the SR bracket went on the inside of the E30 bracket this time.
Now we simply cut of the excess metal, added reinforcement brackets to fill the gaps, and welded it all together.
Here is the other side. We had to add a large bracket to fill the gap at the top on this one.
Now for the trans mount, E30’s have this sliding rail system that allows us to position the transmission crossmember studs anywhere we want, so we got cheeky and thought we could make a stock s13 transmission crossmember fit, but alas, not quite.
Unfortunately, the s13 crossmember is just a tad too short. We measured how much longer the crossmember needed to be to reach the holes on each side.

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