Project SR E30: Part 2 – Making Custom Motor Mounts
And chop!
If you’ve ever done extended LCA’s on an s-chassis, you’ll know exactly how this goes…
The next problem is that the trans needs to be quite a lot higher than the crossmember currently allows. We thought about building some sort of box structure to elevate the trans mount, but why complicate things.
We measured the gap, and simply cut two pieces of 1.5” DOM roll cage tubing I had laying around to size. Then we just had to get some longer bolts, and the trans mount is done!

Making these motor mounts proved to be way easier than we originally thought. Making use of original OEM stuff where you can makes things a lot easier. This whole process only took us two short evenings to complete. The engine’s final resting position ended up absolutely spot on, and I truly believe we got the weight distribution as good as you can possibly get it without cutting into the car.

Look forward to the next installment, where we will be mounting the radiator and intercooler!

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