Project STurdteen: Installing Progress Sway Bars


Here is another angle – the greatest part about having these bars is the adjustability factor! 

The Progress bar is also 3 way adjustable with each of the 3 holes giving about a 15% difference in roll stiffness.


Howard installs the polyurethane bushings on the Progress bar.
Howard lines up the Progress bushings to the OEM mounting points.
Before installing the endlinks, Howard tightens up the bushing bolts.  The Progress sway bar brackets are reinforced and heavily flanged for strength and are much stronger than stock. 
As we try to line up the endlink to the bar, we notice that the bolt is having some clearance issues with the PSM LCA.  

The PSM arms are designed to work with stock type end links and the Progress end link is designed to fit a stock lower arm. It is not that big of a deal to get things to fit though.


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