Project STurdteen: Installing Progress Sway Bars


The next logical step was to cut the bolt down shorter!
Here is the revised endlink bolt with all the excess bolt shank gone.
Now Howard is able to attach the link to the bar without any clearance issues.
We left the bar in the middle setting so that we can play with adjustments at the track. When adjusting the endlinks, the closer hole will increase the bar rate, while putting it in the outer hole reduce the bar rates. 

One great advantage of running sway bars on a drift car is the ease of adjustability. Changing settings on sway bars is very simple and doesn’t need many hands on deck, which is a huge competitive advantage while at a competition with limited time compared to doing something like changing springs.

Tuning the rear bar is a great way to quickly bleed off side grip so the car's forward bite can be maximized without fear of the car straightening up. This is the bane of drift car setup and had resulted in many lost battles and even crashes.

Now onto the installation of the front bar.


Out with the old!

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