Project Toyota Supra MKIV, Part 4: Turbo components
We’re excited to share with you our turbo, exhaust manifold, intake manifold and wastegates selections!


Project Toyota Supra MKIV, Part 4: Turbo components

 Let's flow some air!

by Pablo Mazlumian


If you missed Part 3, we discussed getting the most out of our cylinder head for maximum airflow.  This time we talk about airflow components that are on both sides of that equation.   

Some of the more exciting products to talk about in a turbocharged project are the turbo components themselves.  Precision Turbo and Engine is our selected brand for this project’s turbocharger and waste gates, having run a Precision 71GTQ and 71GTS successfully prior to this.  Our choices for both the intake and exhaust manifolds went to Hypertune and Powerhouse Racing, respectively.  The latter two took a couple of months to actually arrive, but the wait was well worth it.  Not only will our engine bay look incredible, the engine’s airflow will surely be maximized to compliment our trick cylinder head work by FRP Engineering featured in last time. 

Before any turbo project is started, one must decide the application and power level desired.  Since our goal was a street 800whp, Precision thought either their best-selling 6466 or 6766 setups would work well for our application.  Since I’m also a fan of less heat and pressure, I went for the latter, should we also decide to go badder.  The 6766 will give us the greatest power room to play with.


When building a turbocharged project, one must first figure out what the application is for, and how much power will be desired.  For this 800 whp street car, our decision led us to the 6766 dual ball bearing turbocharger from Precision Turbo and Engine.


We’ll be discussing our incredible eye-candy-of-a-manifold from Hypertune , which includes a 90-mm throttle body, throttle linkage, fuel rail and installation hardware.  It hails to us from the land down under but can be ordered Stateside through Titan Motorsports.


And more eye candy–we’ll be showing you the details of this incredibly difficult-to-make exhaust manifold from the Supra gurus of Powerhouse Racing in Texas, which is also a distributor for Precision turbo components.


Our Precision 6766 dual ball bearing turbocharger.  The ported “H” anti-surge allows us to use a 4-in intake tube.  The 67-mm compressor wheel is machined from a 2618 forging and features PT’s exclusive CEA (Competition Engineered Aerodynamics) technology.  Thanks to the latter, these newer wheels supply a higher efficiency and faster transient response for maximum power and performance.  For a 67-mm medium frame turbo, it’s crazy to think it’s rated to 935hp.  In fact, online you can already see guys hitting 800whp with a Precision 62-mm!  10 years ago I would have needed a 72-mm turbo for that.


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