Project Toyota Supra MKIV, Part 4: Turbo components



Compare our PHR S45 exhaust manifold on the right with my previous HKS-style manifold on the left—quite the difference.  Due to all the extra piping the weight has increased from 15.5-lb to 28-lb, but that’s a small price to pay for what should help the engine flow significantly better.  The PHR S45 is also said to clear any turbo up to GT45/80 sizes, as well as those with a quick spool valve. 


Precision Turbo and Engine’s wastegates are 46-mm and we ordered a couple of them to go with our dual wastegate configuration on our PHR manifold.  Other wastegate sizes offered by PTE include the 39-mm and whopping 66-mm unit.  Installation hardware and clamps are included, as well as a few different spring sizes for customizing boost control. 


The PTE wastegate features a high-grade 347 stainless steel and anodized 6061 billet aluminum construction, a nickel chromium alloy valve, and is sold with a 1-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects.


Seeing this, one could think my lovely blonde wife went to town with her computer Whiteout.  Thankfully, no heads rolled.  This is just what the parts look like after a trip to Swain Tech Coatings, which we'll discuss next time…


along with the plethora of heat wraps and barriers we ordered from Thermo Tec.  Stay tuned–and I'm off to wrap the manifold in the morning…(yay).

Next time we’ll be discussing not only some underhood heat management but also sharing further assembly and installation of our new engine by Modified by KC, which we anticipate starts next week! CHECK OUT PART 5 HERE!

For more info on Supra tuning and maintenance, you can also visit, a highly knowledgable community dedictated to all Supra-related topics.





Modified by KC

Power House Racing

Precision Turbo and Engine

Swain Tech Coatings

Thermo Tec

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