Project Toyota Tundra Part 9- Installing TRD’s big brakes with Volk Wheels


We decided to get the heavy duty ten ply rated LT version of the Terra Grappler for a higher load rating.  We wonder if that was a mistake because these tires are heavy!  We didnt get around to weighing our tires but lets just say that installing the tires is a two man job.  Our backs still hurt, light wheel or not!  Most truck guys pop for cheap wheels that are really heavy.  Because of this, It is probably not uncommon for a wheel and tire combo to weigh over 100 lbs.  The Nitto Terra Grappler is a member of Nitto’s Grappler sport truck family of tires.  This family includes tires that specialize in sand and loose soil to long haul street.  The Terra Grappler is one of the all around good tires in the family being quiet, good gripping on dirt, pavement and wet pavement as well as being long lasting.
The Terra Grappler features deep lugs for good off road grip with deep siping to give more gripping edges for wet traction.  The lugs are bridged to reduce tread squirm for better pavement handling.  The staggered outer lugs help grip greatly in sand and loose dirt where the tire sinks into the surface.  Even though the tread is dirt oriented, the Terra Grappler is designed to be quiet on the highway and not whine like many off road tires.  With a max pressure of 65 psi, the Terra Grappler can take quite a load as well, handy when towing.
Howard Watanabe of Technosquare helped us with our install.
The stock rotor is a not too shabby 14″ in diameter but it is still dwarfed by comparison to the TRD rotor.
The stock caliper is a not too bad 4 piston part with a big pad, it’s heavy duty for sure, but look how it is dwarfed by the TRD six piston caliper!
The instructions said to bend the stock heat shield back to fit the big rotor but we cut it down instead, feeling that that would be a cleaner install.
Our big brakes are in place!

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