Project Toyota Tundra Part 9- Installing TRD’s big brakes with Volk Wheels


The flares look pretty aggressive and protect the sides of the truck from stones and dirt.
The rear flares look cool too.  We paid a little more than $400 for the parts, not bad considering they are pre painted to match your truck.  The flares are made of polyurethane like your bumpers.
The TRD brakes have plenty of spoke and barrel clearance with the 20″ TE37X’s.
Our rear brakes with the Powerslot rotors, TRD brake pads and Stoptech braided stainless steel brake lines.
Overall our truck came out looking pretty good, but doesn’t it look like a giant Tacoma now with the fender flares?
The bad news is that the tires were rubbing really badly in the wheel wells.  We find it odd that a big truck like a Tundra can’t fit a mild upgrade like a 33″ wheel and tire.  The tire was rubbing on the front ears of the subframe and the front plastic fender inner liner.  We fixed the front rub by trimming the edge of the inner liner where it meets the bumper and and drilling new mounting holes, moving the fender’s inner liner up about 1″.  We attempted to bend the subframe ear back by bending it with a hammer but our 3 lb sledge hammer just bounced right off with no effect.  We thought that we might not be manly enough so we went to Design Craft Fabrication to see if we could find a stronger hammer guy.  Peter is a lot stronger than us desk jockey nerds so when he hit the flange hard with no effect we were pretty amazed.  Toyota metal is strong!


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