Project Toyota Tundra Part 9- Installing TRD’s big brakes with Volk Wheels


Our braided brake lines were installed next.  The braided lines don’t swell under pressure giving a firmer brake pedal.  We next bled the brakes with a pressure bleeder using Motul 660 racing brake fluid.  After pressure bleeding the brakes the pedal felt soft so we follow up bled the system again by hand.  Sometimes pressure bleeders can cause cavitation and bubbles inside the system.  This was the case with the TRD kit and the second bleeding gave us a nice hard pedal.
Our big wheels and tires stuck out of the wheel wells.  Although wallet chain wearing Bros swoon over this look we did not particularly like it so we obtained some South East Toyota OEM pre painted fender flares from Sparks Toyota, a big Toyota parts web retailer.  South East Toyota or SET for short is an independent Toyota distributor that is privately operated serving the South East USA.  It is a relic from Toyota’s early days in the USA.  SET develops some warranty supported accessories of their own and these OEM quality fender flares are one of them.  They fit extremely well and mount with no drilling in factory holes and by using clamps that won’t damage the paint.  They are compatible with other genuine Toyota accessories like the mudflaps and side steps.  One thing is that the side step makes putting in the bottom screws of the flares difficult.  The side steps blocks your view so it has to be done by feel.  First up is aerospace engineer Cheston Chiu.
After the screw defeated Cheston, KW suspension expert, Chris Marion gave it a shot.
Fortunately Howard with his JDM mechanical dexterity put the screw in easily.  If you have a new truck, put the flares on before the side steps!
The flares fit perfectly and gave the fenders about one more inch of coverage.  The tires still sticks out some.
Here is a look at the rear flares.  Perfect fit, no gaps or ripples.

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