Project Tundra, Changing the Rest of the Lights with Headlight Revolution

Since we had such great results upgrading the front lights on our Tundra with modern LED lights we decided to also upgrade the rear lights on our truck with LED units from Headlight Revolution. Headlight Revolution has tested light packages for most trucks on the market with the right types of LED bulbs for each application. We are going to replace the rear stop lights, turn signals, reverse lights, license plate lights, bed lights, and CHMSL with more efficient modern LED bulbs.

It is funny that lights are kinda like oil and like oil, there are people who devote their whole performance study to lights in the same way we take a meticulous view towards, performance categories like engines, suspensions, aero, and brake systems. Some of them messaged us and disputed that the light mods that we have done so far actually did anything or in fact made the lighting worse.  Well, what we can say is that what we have done has made such a big difference there is no argument as far as we are concerned.  The main thing is that you have reflectors in the light’s housings designed for LED bulbs or LED bulbs designed for the reflectors in filament bulb housings. The information is out there and you have to match the two up. No matter what you do, there are people that will argue with you to no end!

For the first rear light upgrade, we changed the turn signal lights to amber LED units.  It’s important to use the right color LED for the application so the light issued will be correct.  You will get weird colored turn signals and pink brake lights if you ignore this. Since LED lights draw a lot less power than regular filament bulbs they trigger the burnt-out bulb rapid flash indicator.  Some people call this hyper flash. To prevent this, resistors must be installed in line with the bulbs to prevent the fast flash.

The Spyder taillights we installed in our last project Tundra segment, had LED running lights but still ran the OEM bulbs for stoplights, reverse lights, and the turn signals. To convert the other lights in the housing to modern brighter LEDs we first removed the Spyder housings just like we did in the last article. You can follow the link to see how we did the installation, it is pretty easy.


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