WATCH: We’re Building a Jeep 4.7L Stroker Engine!


You probably know us for our high performance engine builds for racing but did you know we can also build truck engines? In this video Mike walks you through a relatively common 4.7 stroker build on the venerable 4.0L Jeep engine, but it’s not leaving the shop without a few of our favorite touches!

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  1. Love this.
    The 4.0L is one of my favorite work horse engines.
    Not meant to be sexy or fancy, just work.
    I like how you are purpose building this engine for it’s use case.

    Can’t wait to see the dyno pulls.

    All so see this guy:

  2. Watch the video on your 4.7 stroker. Curious about the torque and horsepower? I have currently 4.0 in my jeep and torque is good. But there are times l need to HAMMER DOWN.

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