Project Tundra, Getting More Cornering Power (and less stability control activation) with a Hellwig Adjustable Rear Antisway Bar


You can see the adjustable ends of the bar compared to the TRD bar here.  The Hellwig bar is about 0.100 larger in diameter than the TRD bar.  This makes it about 30% stiffer.  In the stiff position, the new bar is around 50% stiffer than the old bar.  In the soft position the bar is about 10 percent stiffer.
Here are the adjustable endlinks compared to the TRD links.  The adjustability really helps, especially if the truck has been raised or lowered from stock.  It also helps keep the sway bar link angles closer to right angles for best efficiency no matter what hole the links are set into.
We wrap the bar with teflon tape over where the main bushings are to prevent squeaking.  This trick really works well.  It also reduces friction.
This is the stock factory bolt point where the sway bar endlinks attach to.  It is reinforced and also used to mount the factory tow hitch.  The TRD bar also attached here. 
We pressed the urethane bushings into the endlinks using an arbor press.
The endlinks are bolted in place on the chassis.

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