Project Tundra, Getting More Cornering Power (and less stability control activation) with a Hellwig Adjustable Rear Antisway Bar


The axle mount U-bolts are double nutted to keep them from coming loose.
We set the sway bar in the middle adjustment hole for now.
Here is the bar installed and in place!  The fitment is great.

Initially we could tell that the rear bar cut down some of the understeer on the middle setting. Then we set the bar to full stiff which reduced the understeer even further.  Even with the bar on stiff the balance ended up to be light understeer which was a huge difference from the stock totally plowing understeer.

With our Sequoia front bar, you could not adjust the truck into an oversteer condition with the Hellwig bar, not even at full stiff.  You probably could not do it with a stock front bar either which is pretty safe.  We are not sure what a super tail happy tall 4WD truck might be like but fear not, it's not going to happen with the Hellwig part.

Now we feel that the truck is getting pretty balanced.  The once typical truck heavy understeer has been reduced to mild understeer. The electronics are becoming even less active and the truck is getting pretty fun to drive! Imagine a gigantic sports car.  Huge but fast.  Well our Tundra is not exactly a nimble sports car but it is getting really fun to drive like no other heavy duty truck we have experienced.

Stay tuned, we are installing some Hellwig air bags in the back of Project Tundra to help level the chassis when towing and to stiffen the rear suspension when needed.  We will be adding the air bags and doing the final suspension tuning next!


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