Project Tundra, Keep the Transmission Cool with B&M

When comparing the stock pan vs the B&M, the additional capacity is immediately apparent. The B&M pan was much deeper.

Here is a frontal view where the deepness difference between the B&M and stock pans is easier to see.

We were looking inside our filter and we could see that some clutch fiber material was in it.  Although it was very minimal, we decided to change the filter with a new genuine Toyota part while we were in there.  We were surprised that our filter had so little clutch material in it and the stock magnets had almost no metallic debris.  This truck has about 120k miles on it and most of that has been supercharged, driven hard, and had a lot of towing and off-road miles under its belt.

The new stock filter was installed.  Unlike most automatic transmission filters that are simply metal screens, the Toyota filter is actually a filter element with a fine synthetic media.  It is a very effective filter which is great for preventing valve body malfunctions.

We used a new genuine Toyota pan gasket.  B&M says you can reuse the stock gasket and now that we have seen it, we agree.  The stock gasket is a really high-quality molded rubber part with steel inserts and doesn’t get damaged at all when you remove the stock pan.  We had already ordered a new gasket so we used the new one.

The pan was reinstalled and tightened down in a cross pattern to prevent damage to the pan rail and to ensure that the thick Toyota rubber gasket was evenly compressed.  Since our car has an OEM transmission temp sensor and temp gauge that comes as part of the factory tow package we didn’t need to add one for an aftermarket gauge.  If you tow and your truck didn’t come with a factory tow package we really recommend you add one.


    1. An automatic transmission is a little different than an engine, the valve body is extremely sensitive to dirt and the fluid is prone to metallic and friction material contamination. Because of this, pans have the oil pickups higher than an engine and usually have magnets in the bottom. The idea is for debris to stay in the bottom of the pan.

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