Project Tundra, Keep the Transmission Cool with B&M


With the factory tow package, we never had a problem with the transmission getting hot but we never tow at the truck’s full rated tow capacity of 10, 200 lbs.  If we had a big toy box or an enclosed race trailer this would be the case. So if you have the factory tow package with its large transmission cooler, the B&M pan is a nice to have option.  If you tow without the lower final drive and oil cooler of the tow package the pan starts to move into the should have category!  Either way more lubricant capacity and more cooling are never a bad thing!



Redline Oil



    1. An automatic transmission is a little different than an engine, the valve body is extremely sensitive to dirt and the fluid is prone to metallic and friction material contamination. Because of this, pans have the oil pickups higher than an engine and usually have magnets in the bottom. The idea is for debris to stay in the bottom of the pan.

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