Project V8 RX-7: Goin’ Legit (Project RX-7 vs the State of California)



The total weight of our FD is 2,843 lbs. with full interior, a fully dressed LS-3 under the hood (minus A/C compressor) and ¾ a tank of 91 octane fuel. Corner weighting has not been performed; the weights were taken with ride height measuring 25” from the top of the wheel opening in the fender to the ground on all 4 corners. 


Even we were surprised that front to rear distribution was biased a little more to the rear than the front with a weight of 1,403 lbs front, 1,440 lbs rear. In other good news, the cross weight is 1,496 lbs x 1,535 lbs with your 180lb author in the driver’s seat!    So much for ruining that weight balance.

That’s it for now but we’ve got a lot of good stuff in the works as we speak!  We’ve put a few hundred miles on the car already and even had it to the dragstrip.  Our tires are terrible though and we’ve got some slop in the suspension so look forward to suspension updates coming for Project V8 RX-7 soon! We’ll also be putting our AEM Dyno-Shaft through its paces so stay tuned for some sweet data!

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Obviously we can’t go through ALL the minutia and fine details of an engine change in this format but if you’re interested in learning more about doing a V8 swap into any RX-7 there’s a place where they do!  We don’t generally sing high praises of the various forums out there, but is one of those exceptions.  Though the V8 RX-7 community has had its own share of drama and places to call home the core group of folks that comprise it remain largely unchanged and growing by the day.  Without that group of enthusiasts Project V8 RX-7 would likely never been born, so we’re grateful!  Just like any other forum though don’t forget to search before you post!


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