Project EVO X GSR- Upgrading the Fuel System with RC Engineering and Cobb Tuning

Project EVO X GSR- Upgrading the Fuel System With Cobb Tuning and RC Engineering

by Mike Kojima

When we last left off on Project EVO X, we had come close to maxing out the car's fuel system with our bolt ons up to this point.  Since upgrading the turbo to Garrett's drop in GTX3071 is in the plans, we must first bring our fuel system up to snuff.  On the EVO X this is a little more involved than earlier EVO's as the injectors we chose were not an easy drop in.  Don't fear, it still was not that hard, check it out!

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RC Engineering supplied us with some of their 1000cc injectors for our project.  The RC injectors came with wiring pigtails and spacers for the fuel rail to make installing them into the car a snap.  The RC injectors are a high quality but low cost big injector.
RC injectors use deflected disc technology instead of the standard pintle and seat.  Deflected disc injectors have good atomization.
Compared to stock, the RC injectors have a longer body, hence the need for the long fuel rail spacer.
Deflected disc injectors don't have the same kind of multi hole spray nozzle that the stock injectors have.  No fear, they still have good atomization.
The RC injectors are low impedance peak and hold type injectors and the stock EVO X injectors are high impedance saturated coil type injectors so you must add resistors to make it all work.  Don't fear this is pretty easy and inexpensive.  We used the resistor box from a Toyota Previa van that was lying around Technosquare but a lot of people use the resistor box from a 88-91 Honda Civic/CRX or a 92-96 Prelude.  This resistor box is easily available from many places that sell fuel system upgrades or you can get one from a wrecked Honda in a junkyard.


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