Project EVO X GSR- Upgrading the Fuel System with RC Engineering and Cobb Tuning


The stock boost control solenoid is located by the brake master cylinder by the red terminal cover.
We bolted the Cobb Tuning Solenoid right on the same bracket as the stock solenoid so we could switch things quickly back to stock if we wanted to.
Everything went right back in place.
Next we hooked up the vacuum lines.
Our engine is ready to rock!
To get our car running Naji Dahi of Looney Tuning reflashed our stock ECU to scale the injectors and remapped the boost maps to work with the Cobb 3 port.  We didn't change the tuning so we really didn't bother to get new power figures.  We just got things running right and ready for our new turbo.
With our new fuel system we now have fuel headspace for more serious mods.  Our big injectors start correctly and idle very smoothly with no driveability issues whatsoever.  Stay tuned, we are next going to go for more power with a Full Race manifold and a Garrett GTX3071 drop in turbo.

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