Project EVO X GSR- Upgrading the Fuel System with RC Engineering and Cobb Tuning


The spade connectors plug right into our resistor box.
The finished job looks very tidy, will be durable and can easily be returned back to stock.  The best thing is that it allows the use of lower cost injectors.
Big injectors are only half of the equation.  We also had to upgrade the fuel pump.  The EVO X is a little more difficult to put a larger pump in as the fuel pump pickup is a little differently shaped than most cars.  To make this an easily reversible plug and play install, we got this really cool kit from Cobb Tuning which provides a molded  retainer for a Walbro 255 LPH high volume pump in the stock location.  The Cobb kit ensures a clean installation.
The Cobb Tuning kit holds the pump in the stock location.
First we removed the factory pump.  It is located under the rear passenger seat.
The pump is located within this can.

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