Project EVO X GSR- Upgrading the Fuel System with RC Engineering and Cobb Tuning


Next, it's time for the wiring.  The resistors go on the 12 volt power feed side of the injectors.  Typically injectors are switched by the ECU on the ground side of the circuit.  Howard decided to splice the resistor box into the RC Engineering pigtails so that the stock wiring harness would not have to be cut.  In case we turn the car back to stock it will be much easier and it's best not to cut up the stock wiring anyway.
After tapping into the RC Engineering pigtails Howard roughs out how to lay out the new wiring sub harness to the injector box.
Another view of the rough wiring.
Once the wire lengths are figured out, Howard slides the wires inside a sheath made of Raychem shrink tubing.
Our new sub harness is coming together.  The shrink tubing protects the wires from abrasion and strain.  Our sub harness looks very tidy and totally at home inside the engine compartment.
We used spade terminals as that is the style used by the Toyota box.

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