Project V8 RX-7: Part 12 – The Intake & Finishing Touches



That ain’t a carbon fiber sticker!


The second time proved to be the charm!  The Corvette intake had a nice squashed section right where we needed it to clear the hood and turned down pretty much perfectly where we needed it to point down in front of the radiator. 

Now all we needed was the 6 inch aluminum section to weld our MAF sensor boss and we’d have ourselves an intake!

Who would have thought we’d be using Pep Boys fabrication parts?  We were all ready to weld the MAF sensor boss onto the nice piece of stainless we picked up only to realize the boss was aluminum!  Of course this was the only thing holding us back from starting the car at 5pm on a Friday night at TechnoSquare—Howard leaves at 6:00F***!!!  Another guy at the shop happened to overhear us AND knew that Pep Boys sold these pieces of tubing the exact size we needed6 inches long, 4 inch diameterfor $16!  The devil must really want this thing to run tonight!  >:^)


Right about there’ll do!


J-Schmuv don’t do aluminum… Howard assumes that responsibility so if it comes out bad in a high visibility place I can pass the blame on to him!


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