Project V8 RX-7: Part 12 – The Intake & Finishing Touches



Looks good!  One day it will probably be covered up by a shroud anyway.


In my excitement to get the car running I neglected to get photos of myself tapping the side of the plastic intake for the crankcase breather which the FIPK Corvette doesn’t have but you can see it in the finished product above. 


With the additional 6 inches of tube we need to meet CARB requirements our filter hogs up pretty much all the open space in our front end.


No doubt plenty of nice fresh air will be hitting our filter… Maybe too much though! 

Our finished product looks like it satisfies everything we need for smog dudes to be happy and it even looks pretty good!  Our temporary mounting leaves a little to be desired, but we need to make sure it all works good and passes first, then we’ll make a more sano final product.

You know that feeling when you’ve worked on a huge project and you’re double checking to see what you forgot to do and can’t find anything?  Well for us, that time is now!  We filled up the 7 with fluids, cranked our engine a few times with the coil packs disconnected to get some oil pressure and then came the moment of truth…


This is how you break-in a motor!


To celebrate, Howard made us one of his favorite treats.. Oreo cookies with cream cheese!  Then I went home and got drunk!

We hope you enjoyed Project V8 RX-7 Week, thanks for bearing with us!  Next up we’re gonna go find us a CARB Ref (but not for a while)  🙂



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