Project V8 RX-7: Wheel, Brake and Tire 3 PART MEGAPOST! Part 2 – Stoptech Big Brake Kit


Stoptech FD RX-7 Trophy Big Brake Kit Rotors and hats

The Trophy kit uses an enhanced version of Stoptech’s ST-40 four piston caliper.   With a forged aluminum alloy body the dimensions are the same as the standard ST-40 caliper but is engineered to weigh up 20% less.  The patented bolt in bridge further increases the rigidity of the caliper.  Perhaps the biggest advantage with Stoptech brake upgrades is that Stoptech precisely sizes their caliper piston diameters to maintain correct brake system proportioning and volume.  This way you have a nice firm pedal and correct front-to-rear brake balance with the stock master cylinder and proportioning valve.  No one in the brake upgrade industry has as much flexibility as Stoptech who can size their pistons in 1mm increments. 

Stoptech FD RX-7 Trophy Big Brake Kit calipers

Trophy kit rotors are available in both a street and track version, the difference being the use of special high temperature silicone piston dust boots to protect the seals from brake dust.  Dust boots are omitted in the race applications because of the extreme temperatures that degrade even high-temperature silicone.  Racing brakes are typically serviced more often than a street application so dust buildup and subsequent piston and seal corrosion is less of a concern.  The two leading edge pistons are also smaller than the the rear to help mitigate pad taper wear—the tendency for the leading edge of the pad to wear faster than the rear as the pad bites into the rotor.

Stoptech FD RX-7 Trophy Big Brake Kit rear rotor and hat

For the rear, the Stoptech Trophy kit comes with 2-piston calipers based on the ST-22 with the same enhancements as the front calipers less the bolt in bridge. Like the front caliper, Stoptech sizes the rear caliper to have proper hydraulic proportioning so the factory master cylinder and proportioning valve will work just fine.  This is critical for maintaining proper ABS function.

Putting big brakes on a car isn’t as simple as just megasizing all the components.  Caliper piston sizes, brake line diameter, front/rear bias, master cylinder bore size all need to be considered to maintain a balanced system.  Stoptech does the hard work for us testing and optimizing all of their kits on actual cars and making sure the car vehicle still behaves in the same manner it did stockeven testing the chassis balance while threshold braking around a corner.

installing stoptech trophy big brake kit fd rx-7

We’re starting our installation in the rear with the first step being to trim or remove the stock dust shield which will not clear the larger diameter rear brake rotors.

installing stoptech trophy big brake kit fd rx-7

Billet brackets enable the rear calipers to bolt right up.

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