Project V8 RX-7: Wheel, Brake and Tire 3 PART MEGAPOST! Part 2 – Stoptech Big Brake Kit


All that’s left on the brakes is to install the provided stainless steel lines for all four corners and bleed the lines.  Stainless steel brake lines do not expand under pressure and greatly improve brake feel, contributing to a firmer pedal.

Stoptech provides these little black rubber caps to stick on your chassis-side hard lines so you don’t pee out all your brake fluid while your brakes lines are off.  A nice touch and easy to overlook if you don’t read the instructions!

We use a vaccum bleeder to get most of the air and old brake fluid out of our brake system and the new lines and calipers.  There’s quite a few places for air to get trapped so it’s good to have a little mallet to tap the caliper and hopefully dislodge any bubbles that may be hanging around in the caliper.

We filled our system with a few bottles of Motul 600.  We use Motul fluids in just about all our street and track vehicles with great success.  Motul 600 has a very high dry boiling point of 600 degrees Fahrenheit and resists absorption of atmospheric moisture better than most brake fluids.  Surfactants in Motul brake fluid help break apart air bubbles so even if the fluid does boil, the bubbles are quickly dissipated and you will experience recovery from brake fade caused by boiled fluid (gas bubbles created and subsequently compressed in the system).  In our real world experience it’s never let us down, so we keep using it.

Our RX-7 is looking great with its new Stoptech Trophy big brakes and now it will stop as good as it will accelerate and turn!  Stay tuned, in our next segment we’ll see how well the brakes look under our SSR wheels which should be arriving any day now!

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