Project VehiCross Goes Gambling
Urban Decay
The urban decay does make for some really cool backdrops though.
Bronco Harbor Mudding
The next few stops in the harbor gave the Gamblers a preview of what was to come. This mud was almost certainly mixed with sewage, but everyone (including the VehiCross) splashed through it. There was also a stop to jump railroad tracks, but since we still had 450 miles to cover (plus the same to head home) we passed on jumping the VX.
Crown Vic Mudding
Some people still got air in the mud pit though…
Giant Mud Harbor Mud Pit
The final waypoint in downtown was this giant mud pit, right on the Detroit River. This one was about 100 feet long and in places over 2 feet deep. Some fools went right through the middle. We decided to play it safe and hit just off to the side. We were smart enough to set up a GoPro, but sadly not smart enough to use it properly and missed the shots of VX glory.
Muddy VehiCross 1
I was also a dope and forgot to send Jon out for action photos. But here’s the proof we did it! The VX, it turns out, is a great mudder. Between the TOD 4WD, LSD rear axle, torquey 3.5L V6, and the excellent Hankook Dynapro ATM tires, the VX powered through the deep, soupy mud with no problems. In fact we even got some sweet drifting action! If only we could get the damn cameras to work as well as the truck did…
Jurassic Park Jeep Highway
After a quick lunch break, we hit the highway to St Helen. On the way we passed a few dozen Gamblers, but this was by far our favorite. A Jeep Grand Cherokee done up in the wrong Jurassic Park livery and with a big ol’ PVC pipe snorkel.


  1. Those ZJs came with a shitty full time 4WD transfer case with a viscous center section that eventually failed. The NP231s that came in base models were true 4WD (locked front to rear with no differential). Still open diffs front/rear though…

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