Project Viper GTS: Part 8 – Bob’s Air-Oil Separator

Bob's Oil Separator BaffleEmploying a race-proven baffle and filtering media held securely in place by a C-clip, the AOS is able to pull virtually all of the oil out of the crank case vapors.  An O-ring on the outer housing ensures an air-tight seal.

Bob's Oil Separator Viper MountOnce again we turned to our master fabricator: Will at RareFab in Boynton Beach, FL to cut the Universal Oil Separator Kit’s standard bracket and weld it at 90-degrees to mount to the aluminum crossmember bolt on the passenger side of the car, just below the airbox.  This location was out of the way and didn’t interfere with anything in the engine bay while not being too difficult to get a cup under the ball valve for draining.
Viper GTS Gen 2 CCV linesAt the front of the intake manifold is the Positive Crankcase Vent (PCV) aka: Crank Case Vent (CCV) lines which “T”-off into each intake manifold runner.
Viper GTS Gen 2 CCV plumbingThe Crank Case Vent is a single line that runs from the center of the block to this white 90-degree elbow. The arrow shows the flow pattern of the Crank Case Vapors.
Viper GTS Gen 2 CCV unpluggedFirst, we remove the 1 1/2” rubber hose that connects the white elbow to the black “T”.
Viper Gen 2 GTS Bob's Oil Separator CCV linesFrom there run a 1/2” Inner-Diameter hose from each connector over to the passenger side of the car.  At the end of the article we will have all of the part numbers needed.

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