Project Viper GTS: Part 8 – Bob’s Air-Oil Separator

Dodge Viper GTS Gen 2 Valve Cover Catch Can Hose RoutingWe ran the new valve cover vent tube in-between the Roe Racing Power Steering Vent Tube and then down below the brake booster.  Note at the top of the image, we capped off the airbox port with a 1/2″ Round Vinyl cap.

RareFab Oil Catch CanWe needed a catch can at the last minute and Will at RareFab came to the rescue by quickly fabricating this simple catch can, complete with a breather tube.  We didn’t have a trick ball-valve on hand as a drain, so we had to settle for a 3/8” barbed fitting which we put a cap on to plug it for the time being.
RareFab Viper Valve Cover Catch CanWe used the windshield wiper bolt as a mounting point and with the cap on the drain fitting, we were good to go.
Catch Can BreatherFrom above you can see the catch can breather filter element.  Since the valve covers don’t have near the pressure of the CCV, we aren’t worried about any issues due to excess vapors and oil coming out of the filter element.

With our Bob’s Auto Sports Air-Oil Separator and RareFab’s quick and simple catch can installed, we were ready to log some miles to see what the results were.

After 1,000 miles and 3 track days, we drained the AOS and catch can.

Viper Oil Accumulation from CCV and Valve Covers after 1000 milesSurprisingly, the Valve Cover (left) caught very little oil when compared to the Crank Case Vent (right).

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