Project Viper: Part 15 – Fixing the Factory Brake Bias

Non-ABS equipped Gen-2 Vipers have terrible brake bias.  We install new rear calipers with larger pistons to improve the brake bias and stopping performance of our Viper.  We also upgrade the pads and install stainless steel brake lines from Stoptech.

Until 2001, Vipers did not have Anti-Lock Braking Systems (ABS).  The Viper is probably the last sports car to ever install ABS.  Prior to this, Dodge was overly conservative in making the car stable without ABS and gave the car a 70.3% front brake bias.  Keeping in mind that the front of the car only carries 48% of the weight of the car (yes, the Viper is rear-heavy), this excessive front bias causes the front tires to lock well before the rears.

Viper GTS rear caliperThe Viper is a parts-bin special and actually used the rear caliper from the Lotus Elise.  Seriously.

Gen 2 Viper GTS rear caliperThe tiny single-piston, sliding caliper is the size of the parking brake on many cars.  The brake pad size and swept area is extremely small for a 3,375lb car.

Removing Viper GTS rear caliperWe unbolted the two caliper bolts and then removed the caliper.

2nd Gen Viper GTS rear caliper vs Tom's 40mm caliperThe new modified caliper (right) is physically identical to a factory caliper (left).

Stock Gen 2 Viper 36mm rear caliperThe Elise-sourced rear caliper features a 36mm piston.

Quick Reference:

Page 1 – Stock rear brake caliper removal and measurements.
Page 2 – Rear 40mm calipers, stainless steel lines, and upgraded pads.
Page 3 – Replacing front brake lines with stainless steel.
Page 4 – Upgraded front brake pads and install.

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