Project Viper: Part 15 – Fixing the Factory Brake Bias

Gen 2 Viper GTS front caliperThe Viper’s front Brembo calipers are easy to work with.

Viper GTS 2nd Gen front brake linesWe started by removing the factory rubber brake line.

Gen 2 Viper GTS front brake line disconnectingOn the chassis side, we disconnected the hard line from the rubber brake line.

Gen 2 Viper GTS brake lines stock vs stainlessThe new stainless line (top) will be another big improvement over the factory rubber line (bottom).

Viper GTS front brake line Stainless SteelThe new stainless line reattached quite easily.

Quick Reference:

Page 1 – Stock rear brake caliper removal and measurements.
Page 2 – Rear 40mm calipers, stainless steel lines, and upgraded pads.
Page 3 – Replacing front brake lines with stainless steel.
Page 4 – Upgraded front brake pads and install.

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