Protect your FR-S Airdam with Protekt Skidplates!

Protect your FR-S Airdam with Protekt Skidplates!

by Mike Kojima

No matter how careful you are, you will do it eventually.  We have done it plenty of times. Modern high performance cars now almost always come with low airdams which make a big difference aerodynamically.  This means that you have probably hit them on the ground and damaged them on speed bumps, driveways and parking lots no matter how anal you are.  

Scrapes can be minor and hard to see but they can also easily be far worse, damaging visible parts of your car's front fascia.  When a car is lowered, even mildly the chances of damage increase greatly.

The Protekt front airdam is the brainchild of our friend, Motorsports Engineer Mitch Terry.  Mitch got tired of grinding the front bumper of his modded FR-S on the ground and when the damage started to become visible he decided to do something about it.  The Protekt front skidplate was born and now you can have one too.  In fact every FR-S should probably have one.


The Protekt skid plate is made of marine grade high density polyethylene CNC machined to shape.  All of the hardware is rust resistant stainless steel using nylock nuts.  Several different material were tested like delrin and teflon and the polyethylene won out with it's slipperiness, abrasion resistance and strength.
The skid plate installs very easily and is very unobtrusive. 
To install the Protekt skidplate you must first remove the factory belly pan.  The plastic clips are easily removed by popping out the center locking pin then prying out the clip.
Next remove the bolts holding the belly pan in place.
The belly pan simply drops free.

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