Protect your FR-S Airdam with Protekt Skidplates!


To gain access to to the back of the bumper fascia the plastic support under the belly pan has to be removed as well.  Besides removing all of the obvious bolts, don't forget to remove this semi hidden fastener. 
Remove all the bolts!
Now the plastic support will drop free, allowing you to get to the back of the bumper.
Using as many of the original factory holes as possible, attach the skid plate using the supplied stainless hardware.
Reach around and install the corner pieces.
You can see that a few holes will need to be drilled to complete the install. It was decided to add a few more attachment points so the skid plate would not sag and have ugly and visible gaps.  Also the part had to be very firmly attached to shrug off impacts and being dragged on the ground. 

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