Protect your FR-S Airdam with Protekt Skidplates!


Using the parts as a guide, drill out the unfilled holes for additional attachment points.  This is super easy to do and only takes seconds.
Having additional attachment points is important for a clean gapless fit and for additional sturdiness to take impacts with objects and being dragged on the ground.
After drilling the holes, use the remaining hardware and finish bolting the protectors to the bottom of the bumper fascia. 
Since there is a new center attachment point for the skidplate to the front bumper the belly pan must be notched for clearance.  The belly pan can easily be cut with ordinary scissors. 
Here is what the notch looks like after the cuts have been made.
Continue to reinstall all of the factory parts and you are done!  The skidplate is sturdy and unobtrusive.  It looks like a factory part and is nearly invisible when the car is on the ground.  It can withstand any impact with the ground and actually reinforces the bumper at this point. 
As you can see there are no gaps between the bumper and skidplate.  Every lowered car could use this part!

The Protekt skidplate is something that every owner of a lowered car or sports car with an aggressive airdam or front bumper must have as soon as it leaves the showroom floor.  Think of it as protection for your investment.

Protekt also currently has skidplates available for the EVO X and the E46 BMW.  More applications will come in the near future and if you are interested in an application for your car contact them, they may also be interested.


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