Quenching and Tempering: Tony Angelo’s Scion FR-S – Part 3
Tony Angelo FR-S

Quenching and Tempering: Tony Angelo's Scion FR-S – Part 3

By Justin Banner

My, how time flies by when you have to have a car ready before Formula Drift's Round 1 at Long Beach! It was just in February that this build started and in 3 months, it has progressed to a point to where it looks like a race car and no longer like a stock car. The cage is in and fabricated, chassis has been modified, new engine fitted, a shop acquired, and sponsors drawn up. In this short amount of time, Tony and TAngelo Racing have proven to be a competent shop and are showing what can be expected for their future clientele of Chopper and Bobber enthusiasts.

Stance USA Dampers Tony Angelo
Stepping up to make sure Tony and his FR-S are going in the direction he intends, Stance USA sent out some of their Pro Comp 2 coilovers. These inverted, mono-tube dampers are designed just for the FR-S/BRZ and feature 2-way damping adjustment, external oil reservoirs, and pillow ball adjustable top plates.
Tony Angelo Stance USA FR-S Dampers
The coilovers features 20-way compression damping adjustment and 15-way rebound damping adjustment. They also feature Swift Springs that are height and pre-load adjustable via a threaded collar on the damper body.
Tony Angelo FR-S Dampers Stance
These dampers have also been further tuned by Stance just for Tony Angelo. They even put his name on the bodies to let everone know that they are his.
Stance USA Dampers
The aluminum top plate for the Stance USA Coilovers allow for fine adjusting of the camber. Since the bottom uses OEM bolts, the majority of the camber can be adjusted at the spindle, then fine adjusted in the hot pits. Tony is very confident that these will be some of the best coilovers he's had in some time. Stance has quite a few parts for the FR-S and are working on more. I'm sure as they come out, we'll see Tony rocking them as well!


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