Quenching and Tempering: Tony Angelo’s Scion FR-S – Part 3


Custom Intercooler FR-S Tony Angelo
and tacked…
Custom Intercooler FR-S Tony Angelo
Then you test fit it. Seriously, if you take only one thing away from these articles, it will be this; even in the quickest builds, you must test, test, test before you make things stay there for the life of your chassis. Drift cars don't have an easy or even long life in most cases. Here, they are seeing how the custom intercooler will fit with the front bash bar and radiator in place. This will be a front radiator car, it would appear. The bash bar has become that much more important now.
Custom Intercooler FR-S Tony Angelo
The guy with the “salt and pepper” hair, as Tony put it, is Pat Dulcey. He and Vince from R/T Tuning have come down to help with the FR-S just as Dominic has. Dominic fabricated the intercooler from a bare core to a finished piece in very little time. He has also finished an intake that we will see more of in Part 4. Dominic Biro has been a part of some crazy builds and this FR-S will probably rank up there in terms of completion time.
Solid Steering Rack Bushings FR-S
These aluminum parts are solid bushing replacements for the steering rack from Battle Version. We've seen these before, but on a road racing FR-S. Now we'll see them on Tony's Car!
Pressing out old steering bushings FR-S
Here, Pat uses the press to get the rubber bushings out. These will flex and move, so getting rid of them will allow Tony to get a proper feel of the car as he slides it at high speeds.

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