Quenching and Tempering: Tony Angelo’s Scion FR-S – Part 3


Rear Bash Bar FR-S Tony Angelo
As with the front bash bar, the rear gets the same treatment; cut, test, bend, tack, etc. However, this structure does serve as more than just a bash bar.
Rear Bash Bar Tony Angelo FR-S
Instead of relying on air jacks, which can be expensive and time consuming to install, many drift cars will use a center jacking point at the rear of the car.
Tony Angelo FR-S Rear Bash Bar
A better view of it here. As you can see, it will allow for a quick lift of the rear of the car to speed up tire changes. Since the Competition Time Out is only 5 minutes, every second that can be saved is critical! The more you can speed up the process of repairs or adjustments, the better off you are. Oh, and, uh, ignore the quick change behind the bash bar. More on that in the next installment.
Tony Angelo FR-S Intercooler
Fabricator Dominic Biro from Dominant Engineering has been brought in to speed up the build of the car. Here, he's starting work on the custom intercooler for the FR-S.
Scion FR-S Custom Intercooler
Just as with all custom parts it's cut…

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