R35 Nissan GT-R Buyer’s Guide


2012 Changes

For 2012 the Nissan R35 GT-R underwent a “minor change” from chassis code CBA to DBA. There were upgrades throughout the car that gave it more power (530 hp), better handling, better braking and improved overall refinement of the car. New wheels, front bumper, grille and rear skirts completed the look for 2012. Also added for 2012 was the Black Edition trim level. The Black Edition had unique wheels, headliner and seats. Power, suspension and transmission remained the same as the Premium model.

In 2012 LED daytime running lights were added to the GT-R’s front bumper, along with other subtle design tweaks to its shape.

In 2012 the rear bumper gained cooling vents just behind the rear wheels. The center grill and diffuser shape were also revised.

More specifically, the better braking performance stemmed from changes in the brake rotors. The front brake rotors were enlarged from 380 mm to 390mm in diameter. They also became thinner at 32.8 mm, but offered a change in alloy and improvements in airflow through the rotor. The brake pads remained the same shape for 2012 as 2009-2011. For further information check out the dealer “cheat sheet” with selling points on the 2012 GT-R.

The 2012 cars were updated with a new wheel and tire combination.   
 This cheat sheet was given to Nissan GT-R dealers to learn about all the new features of the 2012 cars.

2013 Changes

2013 brought even more horsepower to the table with a 15 hp increase in the US model to 545 hp with a torque increase of 15 lb-ft to 463 lb-ft. There were also additional changes to the suspension, differential fluid, transmission and some non-confirmed engine internal changes. Outside of performance changes a rear view camera became standard. A blue lighting ring on the tachometer was added to match the shift position indicator as well. The US received Premium and Black Edition trim levels. The Black Edition added a dry carbon fiber rear spoiler which should be the same as the wing on the now discontinued JDM SpecV.

A 2013 Black Edition GT-R is distinguishable by its dry carbon rear spoiler.

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