Race Ramps: Portable Pit Stop


Race Ramps setupAnother view of how the blocks piece together. There’s a raised lip, as seen, so you don’t drive off the edge, and you can get a decent idea of how many more thin blocks could be added for any cars with a longer wheelbase.
Race Ramps garage setup
Ready to roll! The first attempt to go up is slightly nerve wracking as you wrap your head around the fact that you’re driving up on big pieces of foam, but having seen them in use before with much heavier vehicles, and knowing that the non-slip coating ensures that they’re not going to slide out from under the car, it’s time to test fit.
Race Ramps garage work pad
Like a glove! First drive up and the car went on with no problems at all—aside from getting in and out of the cage. With optional wheel chocks placed up front and the car in gear to make sure it remains stationary, the first under-car fitment test was with the Race Ramps pad. The pad makes for easy and comfortable access with a ton of room to work.
Race Ramps with creeper
And because I like to be a bit mobile under the car, the next fitment test was with a creeper. It's incredibly easy to fit under the car with tools in hand and access any part of the underside.

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