Project STurdteen: Building the Competitive Drift Car from a Pile

Project STurdteen:  Building the Competitive Drift Car from a Pile

by Mike Kojima

Rathyna Gomer is MotoIQ’s sales manager but in her other life she is a Pro-Am drifter.  We are in the process of rebuilding her 350Z competition car and due to its complexity the process is taking a while.  In order for her to have a ride for the 2016 season, we decided to do some upgrades to her practice car, an S13 with the venerable SR20DET.

For a practice missile car, her S13 is pretty decently built but since it is a missile car, it has seen better days.  The car has been worked over by a conveniently placed practice lot pole and by doing tandem with a random on a drift day.  That and Rathyna’s habit of doing body repairs by backing her car into the wall at balcony has left the old S13 in a state of ugly.

The car has a decent set of basic drift mods already but we are going to take the car to the next level and rework the engine, suspension and brakes.


The poor Sturdteen has a bad case of butt fungus. Lesson, don’t do intimate things with strangers.
Look out for those pesky short, hard to see yellow poles in parking lots too!
Be careful Mr Pickles, I think this is mistletoe!  Come here little boy, want some candy?
Our security cameras spotted what we think is a documented photo of Sasquatch in back of MotoIQ HQ.  Here is the original picture on the left and the same image after computer enhancement.  This is the southernmost documented sighting of Sasquatch in North America.

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