Project STurdteen: Building the Competitive Drift Car from a Pile


Since we are going to a AEM Infinity ECU and speed density, ditching the MAF, we can get rid of the reticulating compressor bypass valve and simplify things with a Turbonetics Godzilla blow off valve for surge protection.
The Godzilla is Turbonetics classic legacy blow off valve that has been around forever and is tried and true.  It has a heat resistant nomex diaphragm and a large super durable 45mm stainless steel valve. It also has a V-band mount.
With more power comes the need for a lot more fuel.  Since we may go to E85 at some point for fuel, we chose a set of DeatschWerks E85 compatible 950cc high impedance injectors. The DeatschWerks Injectors are Nissan style side feed and fit right into the stock fuel rail.  This saves money as there is nothing wrong with the stock fuel rail.

The injectors have an impedance of 11.4 ohms.  The injectors actually flow 977 cc/min at 43 psi and have an excellent spray pattern for a good idle even on small engines.


The injectors ball and seat type pintle design has great atomization.
The injectors come with the correct plugs for a super easy installation. 
More power also means that we need a lot more fuel pump.  We used the Aeromotive Stealth 340 in-tank offset inlet fuel pump. The Stealth 340 with it’s installation kit is an easy drop in for the S13 and provides a generous amount of fuel, important for our anticipated E85 use.
The Stealth 340 is a turbine pump for greater flow, durability and lower fuel temperatures. It can be used in pulse width modulated returnless systems.  It is fully long term E85 compatible unlike many pumps of this type that claim E85 compatibility but have a greatly reduced service life. The pump can conservatively flow 340 liter per hour and support 700 boosted horsepower on gasoline and 490 hp on E85.


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