Project STurdteen: Building the Competitive Drift Car from a Pile


SR20’s are known to spin rod bearings and have tiny ridiculous stock oil pans so we had to do something about that. ISR Performance provided us with a large capacity stainless steel oil pan. Greddy makes a nice cast aluminum SR20 oil pan but we wanted a steel one so a hard off road excursion like drift cars often do would just dent it instead of shattering it as tends to be the case with cast aluminum pans. The ISR pan has an extra quart of capacity.
The ISR pan doesn’t really sacrifice ground clearance.  All of the pan bolts remain easily accessible.
The ISR pan has swinging trap doors and baffles to help keep oil around the oil pickup during hard cornering.  This is a vast improvement over stock that has nothing to control the oil flow and very little capacity.
The ISR pan has a bung with 1/8″ NPT thread for an oil temperature sensor.
We also got a magnetic oil pan plug from ISR Performance. The magnet will help catch any ferrous debris that might be in the oil. If it suddenly looks fuzzy during an oil change it might be time to take down your engine!
We had to put project Sturdteen on our Superflow Chassis dyno to get a baseline run to see what sort of power she makes.
The good old SR20DET rocked out at 173.5 whp and about that in torque at only 10 psi of boost on our super conservative Superflow chassis dyno.  The car was suffering from an exhaust leak and missing turbine flange bolts which probably didn’t help things.  Note how the boost is falling fast after 4500 rpm, a lot of this is probably due to the boost leak and some is due to the small stock T25 turbo.  On a dynojet this power level would equate to just under 200 whp.  So if you figure no exhaust leak, the motor would probably actually make pretty decent power for a stock SR20DET.  All this will be fixed and then some!

So in our next segment of Project STurdteen we will start bolting on the cool bits featured here, work on doing some thermal control and look into uncorking the exhaust and rerouting the IC hard piping. We will give a lot of attention to fluid cooling and oil supply to ensure things stay reliable. Then we will be installing an AEM Infinity ECU and plug and play wire harness, tune her and see what she will really do!

Stay tuned as we polish this turd.




ISR Performance

Parts Shop Max

Rays Wheels/Mackin Industries



AEM Electronics

KW Suspension

Jim Wolf Technology

Koyorad Cooling Systems

Earls Performance Plumbing

Burns Stainless


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