Race Ramps: Portable Pit Stop


A view from the front just to show the ample amount of work space under the car. With the whole car 14 inches higher, nothing’s so close that you can’t get leverage or worry about hitting yourself, yet nothing’s so high that you can’t easily reach it with the appropriate tools. Perfect for under-car work!
Race Ramps BimmerWorld boxes and LMR race car
You know how they say it’s always better to buy a race car than to build one? Well, that doesn’t mean your turn-key car doesn’t need some love. After stripping off the old decals and performing a full initial inspection, the first delivery of many from BimmerWorld showed up.
Race Ramps, Apex ARC-8 and Powerflex Black Series bushings
One area in dire need of attention was suspension bushings. The car started its life as a SpecE36 car, and some of the low-quality polyurethane bushings that were on the car had basically disintegrated, and there were a few other rubber bushings in place that appeared to be original. This car is a ’93, so replacement was overdue by a decade, if not more. Powerflex Black Series race bushings were the perfect replacement, and even with the Spec E36 dampers and springs, the car now has incredibly well-balanced handling. No need for us to upgrade yet!
Race Ramps garage spaceSince this is in the third garage stall, there’s not as much room as the rest of the garage, but still plenty of room to get in and out of the car despite the cage to crawl over. The car also remains parked on the Race Ramps whether being worked on or not. With a weight capacity of 6,000 pounds, we’re not even close to pushing any limits.

They offer a Racer’s Model of Race Ramps that comes with cut outs for scales or alignment plates, but the Portable Pit Stop Standard Model has been the perfect addition to our garage. Easy to get on and off with no guidance, and even with wet tires, there hasn’t been an inch of slip while driving up or down. The pieces are all extremely light and easy to move, and they can be stacked up agains a wall for easy storage, though it’s been easiest and most convenient to leave the race car up at all times. It tends to always need some work anyway, and this saves from the setup time. The Race Ramps are the greatest addition to our garage since moving to a place with a third stall. 




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