Rednecks on a Roadtrip


I had a serious craving for some Chicago deep-dish pizza.  Many locals seem to prefer the thin crust but I wouldn't be swayed.  Every pizza in California is thin-crust by comparison.  We went to Lou Malnati's and ordered the Malnati Chicago Classic.  Lean sausage, extra cheese and tomato sauce all on a delicious buttercrust.  We ordered the large which is supposed to serve four.  We almost finished it!  This attempt brought dramatic consequences later.  You can have a pie shipped to you here

If deep-dish is your thing and you're in Chicago than Lou Malnati's is a great place to go.  After three slices of this pizza I was ready to explode like the fatman in Big Trouble in Little China.

Finally, we ended up at Wrigley Field.  Cubs fans have to be the most suffering group in all of baseball.  You won't find camaraderie amongst strangers like this anywhere else.  Woe to the person who roots for the visiting team here!  Some people are always looking for a fight.  This is a good and bad place to start one depending on your point of view.

Many people use organized sports as their excuse to do what I enjoy; clapping my hands, yelling and drinking beer.  Half of the win for the Cubs this night had to belong to the fans.  Use your imagination for what they said to the visiting San Francisco Giants.  The Giants weren't crying when they went on to win the World Series though.

Leaving Chicago we headed to Morris, IL; Frank's hometown.  He spoke about this Cornfest event as if it was something the Vikings beheld.  When I asked more about Cornfest he would respond with brief answers.  Braaats!  Pooolish SausAge!  We settled in downtown and ordered pork chops on a stick.  They were the juiciest, most flavorful and thickest pork chops I've ever had.  This would be the only solid food for the evening.  The rest of the evening was spent consuming large quantities of beers I thought were no longer in production.  Unlike the Goose Island experience I actually welcomed the dull beer here.  I tried Old Style, Schlitz, Pabst and many, many Lites!  Did somebody already take the name Beerfest?

How cool is this?  Maybe it's that I'm not from a small town but I don't have a street named after my family.  Frank does!  We were tempted to knock the sign down in the middle of the night like a couple of derelicts and take it with us.  We didn't.


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