Rednecks on a Roadtrip


Twelve sobering hours and one rib-eye sandwich later we were back on the road again.    The adventures on the trip gave us about an hour's worth of conversation and we were back to the dirty jokes and stories again.  Amazingly those re-hashed stories got us all the way to Texas and I broke.  It was my turn to drive and I was simply in no shape to.  My buddy was in no condition to drive either.  The eerie voice of Lo Pan was upon us again “They have returned. And this time they are not alone.  Egg Shen is with them.  Little bastard sorcerer has brought them through the Bog of the dead Trees.”  Indeed!  We pulled over and tried to rest but the big rigs kept jake braking and waking us up.  At this point 5 hour energys had no effect.  Where o where was that magical liquid they drank before going off to the final battle to defeat Lo Pan?

Top:  It's adolescent I know but you really can't make this stuff up.  Bottom:  Same gas station and another phenomenon.  You know you are in New Mexico's high altitude to see 88 octane.  Why not just buy 89 or 87 octane instead at .05 a gal?

We pushed on to Phoenix and arrived sometime after 5:00pm.  Our math was a little off too because the mileage written down wasn't matching the total miles.  Something about the odometer, tire size, the trip to Chicago and the black blood of the earth threw it out of whack.  “We made it. Holy shit, we made it!”~Jack Burton

This was sort of a special moment for Frank.  I think he plans on getting buried in this truck if someone will dig a hole deep enough for the both of them.  At this point we were 20 miles outside of Phoenix.  It was a long 20 miles…


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