Return of The Drift League: Past & Present

The morning went by rather quickly during practice as the drivers took on the entire big bank for the first time in the 2019 season. The big bank at Irwindale Speedway is infamous for wrecking cars. However, the drivers took on the challenge with grace!

By the time qualifying began, the drivers were confident in their runs.

RJ Contreras in his Big Duck Club e36 puts down a qualifying lap. Contreras was battling mechanical issues all day with some misfiring and timing problems, but he managed to keep it together!
Carlos Cano Estrella always brings out a fan-favorite build of some sort. If it’s not his MKIV Supra, he can be seen in a classic 86 Corolla.
Ashton Redberg brought out his Nissan 350z to play for the very first time at The Drift League. Although it was the last event of the season, he was able to get some valuable seat time and finish in the top 8 this round.
One thing that is really unique about the drift community is the camaraderie. When the helmets are off, the competition goes out the window. Here is RJ Contreras, Tony Cisneros and their crew praying together before Top 16 began.
The least stressful part of the Main Competition/Top 16 are the opening ceremonies. Here’s Don Boline soaking up the energy of the crowd during driver introductions.
Even though Tony Cisneros qualified 2nd, he entered the Top 16 with a big lead in series points. He had made the promise to himself that he would not go to PRO2 until he was the champion of a Pro/Am series. His face exudes confidence at this point in competition.

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