Return of The Drift League: Past & Present
With a smaller field of drivers, Top 16 went by rather quickly. Qualifying high was a priority for drivers as it gave them advantages with the bye runs that would be issued.
The rules state that a bye run needs to showcase that the vehicle is able to put down a complete, “driftable” lap, or something as good as a qualifying run. Bye runs can be boring – but this is definitely not the case with Keoni Rodrigues who screams style.
The first battle we see in the Top 16 was Boline versus Contreras. As mentioned earlier, Contreras was experiencing some mechanical issues which ultimately led to his demise in this battle and giving Boline the win.
Margaritis Katsanidis was also looking great all weekend. His bye run began the snowball effect of aggressive driving for the night.
It is always exciting to watch two aggressive drivers tandem against each other. Velazquez and Katsanidis put on an unforgettable show during the Top 8. Katsanidis ending up having a stronger run, allowing him to move forward into the Top 4.
After a bye run, Redberg encountered Pablo Cabrera in the Top 8. Cabrera is a seasoned TDL driver and gave Redberg a run for his money and beat him in their battle.

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