Return of The Drift League: Past & Present
Cabrera and Cisneros have been competing in TDL since 2018, so it was great to see the two driving together and vying for a spot on the podium. Cisneros ultimately took the win.
Katsanidis and Cisneros go at it for the last battle of the night. Whoever wins this battle gets first place and bragging rights for the final round of 2019.
Joe Macasero, the voice of TDL, rallies the crowd together for the podium ceremony.
The winners of Round 4 of TDL are as follows: 1st Place – Margaritis Katsanidis, 2nd Place – Tony Cisneros, and 3rd Place – Keoni Rodrigues.
The moment that everyone has been waiting for all season – the issuing of FD PRO2 licenses. 1st Place – Tony Cisneros, 2nd Place – Keoni Rodrigues, and 3rd Place – Pablo Cabrera.
Congratulations to the winners of the 2019 TDL season! We wish them luck as they transition into the pro series!

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