RIP John Noveske


The accuracy of a gun depends heavily on the trigger.  A heavy gritty trigger can cause the gun to deviate as the trigger is pulled. Too light of a trigger can be dangerous as the user my unintentionally shoot the gun or in extreme cases the gun could go off when shaken or dropped. We used a Geissele SSA trigger to replace the stock trigger.  The Geissele trigger is about 40% lighter than stock with two stages, a 2.5 lb first stage and a 2 lb second stage.  This gives the shooter a good feel for activating the gun without being a hair trigger.  The Geissele trigger also has a safety sear that will catch the hammer if it were to fall anytime the trigger itself is not being depressed.
The Noveske has a Vltor six position adjustable stock.  Although the media might call this an evil folding stock, its true function is adjustability for different arm lengths and body sizes.  This is the short position.  It works well for kids and women with really short arms.  Hey media, it is much to long to fit in a covert assassins kit or to sneak into a flight!
This is fully extended.
The Vltor stock has these removable side pods that serve as water proof storage for emergency parts and batteries for the optics.  They also act as cheek pieces to provide an area to get a good cheek weld to help steady the gun for better accuracy.
The Noveske handguard has 4 picatinny rails which are universal mounting points for optics, handles, lights, bipods and other accessories.  Noveske uses what is called a mid length gas system.  Military M4 carbines use what is called a short gas system which is thought to put too much stress on the guns internals such as the bolt carrier and buffer assembly.  This is because the short gas system taps the barrel for gas to operate the action close to the chamber where combustion pressures are still pretty high.  The mid length gas system taps the barrel several inches further back for lower operating pressure and less strain on the internals.
You can see the lightweight thin barrel contour through the handguard's windows.  You can also see the elaborate and beautiful CNC machining of the handguard that both decreases weight and improves cooling.  Considering that the handguard starts as a piece of billet, this is pretty impressive. The full floating barrel does not touch anything once it leaves the receiver.  In addition to rail mounting locations, the handguard also has holes for push button sling mounts.  This all serves to make the Noveske a very versatile gun.

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